Gotta Post ‘Em All!

I feel like it’s super important to find ways to reconnect with your past. Be it through childish things you used to do or looking through old photographs. Our history is important, plus you’ll often start enjoying whatever it was again or at least thinking of it fondly. I’m totally not just saying this because I spent the whole night playing pokemon on a first generation nintendo ds, honestly. In my defence Pokemon is insanely addicting and was one of my favourite games growing up! I’ve done so many run throughs of Leaf Green it’s ridiculous.

I know a lot of people will be all like Fire Red was the better version of the two! Nah, while growlithe may be great I much prefer the vulpix/ninetales of green. Also abra instead of ekans, cause i mean psychic op. I feel like people would also disagree with my choice of starter, Bulbasaur. That’s right, not the overly hyped Charmander or the second place Squirtle, but Bulbasaur the apparently least popular of the three. Not only is grass wonderful *wink* but you also plow through every rock, water, and ground gym with the bare minimum of effort.

Did you know the Director of the game Junichi Masuda talked about why Bulbasaur is the very first pokemon in the pokedex? He said that bulbasaur was adorable and “It really kind of exemplifies what Pokémon is for me. It has that kind of monster-like creature, with a plant-like thing on its back—and I think that that simple combination exemplifies what Pokémon is all about.” Haha! Take that non-believers!

I know my posts are often a lot less frivolous than this but come on, I spent all of my time playing pokemon instead of brainstorming/researching for a post. So the very fact that i’m maintaining my daily post promise to myself is enough right? I’m somewhat bad at keeping myself doing things that don’t have someone reminding me of my deadlines. I’ll be like ‘oh it’s fine if I miss just one day’ and then that’ll happen over and over again until it’s been a week since I last did whatever I had been doing, it’s not a very good habit to have but luckily this seems to be helping me kick it.

Well I know this has been a much shorter post than I often do but I can’t think of much else right now, I mean I already told you to reconnect with yourself. Reconnect with your childhood, what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Like seriously? Go play some childhood games or something, talk to an old friend. Go on, shoo. I mean I still love you so stay if you’d like I guess, I don’t control you. But personally i’ve got a legendary to catch!

Peace, love, and tranquil vibes,



Exhausted Update

What do you do on the days where you can’t drag yourself out of bed? Personally I enjoy curling up with a nice book and some tea, at least most days. Others I prefer just putting on some earbuds and losing myself in the music, everything else becomes so trivial as you drift away. I really wanted to write a blog post today so I wouldn’t kill my daily posting streak but I really wasn’t in the mood. I woke up super late feeling groggy, had a headache for pretty much the entire day, and then just felt out of it all evening. I guess it would be a pretty smart idea to write up a surplus of articles so I’ve got some content to post on my off-days and I’m not always scrambling to make a good post on my usual schedule, especially because I would love the occasional off day. Although I know I should just be writing everyday for the practice, for practice makes perfect!

I honestly can’t think of anything else to write right now, I may just leave this post here as a placeholder and promise to myself that I’ll write up multiple articles tomorrow in order to make up for today’s. I’m trying to get this post done but my keyboard is blurring along with the screen and my whole body feels heavy, or in other words I’m exhausted. Tomorrow you can expect the same routine to start back up again, I just needed a break according to my body. I’m going to end this one here since I don’t want to start sleepily rambling off into tangents, but I hope all is well with all of you! As for me, it’s time to fluff up a pillow and finally sleep.

Peace, love, and some sleepy tranquil vibes,


Staying Dedicated. Or At Least That Was The Starting Intent.

How do people always stay so completely dedicated to a task? Even when it’s something I really enjoy there’ll come a point in time where something else becomes super tempting and i’ll switch focus for a little bit. It’s like there’s always something dedicated to pulling you away from your work even if that something is just a sudden urge to clean your house, although that’s more procrastination. Anyways before I let myself get distracted from writing this, here are some quick tips for staying on focus.

One way which I find works especially well for me is telling other people what you plan to do, like set a goal for yourself and then mention it in a conversation to them. Every time you’re about to miss a day or drop the habit you’ll remember saying to them that you were going to do it on the daily and you’ll feel sort of compelled not to let them down, thus getting you back into doing it. I feel like blogging is going to be a bit like that for me, over time when my interest starts to wander i’ll just have to think back to the few likes or comments that pop up from time to time. I absolutely hate letting multiple people down so the more readers there end up being, the more dedicated to not letting you all down i’ll become.

Think back to what first made you interested in the thing, often those reasons why you began can end up being the sparks to reignite your passion for it. Also reflect on whatever time and effort you’ve already worked into it, acknowledge that effort. Why would you want to waste it? Time is precious and it’s sands are constantly slipping through our fingertips so don’t look back, keep at it. The best things in life usually require a bit of hard work so you might as well continue taking step after step on your journey, for you’ll get nowhere on your path if you keep changing directions. Or I guess in other words, just hold yourself accountable.

Reach out to others in that niche community, talk about what you’ve set out to do, see how they started out and how they kept at it day after day without break. Ask for their strategies, their dreams, talk about your dreams. We’re pretty much in this together and it only gets easier when we help each other reach for the stars.

Also as you may have noticed I often love to mention meditation, I mean why wouldn’t I though? It has so many wonderful uses. With meditation you can centre yourself and calm your mind. Once you’ve done that it’s much easier to take a non emotionally influenced viewpoint of your own priorities and see where the thing, whatever it is, stands among them. You could also meditate on why you keep getting off topic/distracted, maybe even clear the hangup stopping you. Or at least understand the steps you need to take in order to stay committed to it.

I feel a bit like I’m rambling but honestly this post is as much for me as for you. There’s also all of the generic ones we all know but seem to be bad at following through with; remove yourself from your phone/social media, remove yourself from any other distractions, keep a scheduled time to do it, take breaks, watch what others do and follow their examples, work in a clean/clutter free place, work in a well lit place, and of course let yourself fail, forgive yourself, and try again.

Anyways I don’t think I really have anything else to add right now but we’ll see what techniques I end up employing as I continue down this road. Stay at it, whatever that it is for you be it sports, writing, acting, engineering, dancing, anything. Whatever it is, I assure you it’ll get easier with time, and as it gets easier so too will you improve! As always, peace, love, and tranquil vibes. ^-^