Good Things On The Way.

Alrighty, just want to get this one out of the way pretty quick because I have yet to make food today and it’s about 7:40pm so I’m kinda ravenous. Once again I’m using the speech to text function on the iPhone it’s pretty neat but it messes up a lot so please excuse my possibly bad grammar.

Anyways i’ve been thinking a bunch about the podcast function that’s on here and I have this one audio that I put together a little while back so I might upload that there first and then see how that does. Maybe work on releasing like an actual podcast afterwards; my roommate keeps mentioning that he wants to do a podcast with me on my blog here although I’m not really sure whether or not that will be the best collaboration but I mean we can find out!

Also I thinking about putting together some sort of video for the weed tube which is a collaboration website thing that’s a lot like YouTube made by a bunch of people that got kicked off YouTube for posting like marijuana related content they have the channels deleted multiple times or videos removed maybe demonetized and for a bunch of them that was like their main source of income. But yes so they made this new website and it’s completely free to join almost exactly like youtube, well not exactly it’s kind of like YouTube so it’s very familiar, meaning it’ll be easy to pick up.

Also we have silenced hippie and koala puffs coming to Toronto soon for a meet and greet as well as puff expo/puffco, something like that. If you decide to go to the meet and greet they have some little boxes they’re giving away like, little goodie bags and I’m kind of excited to get one although I’m definitely picking one of the cheaper options. 😬 And of course there’ll probably be a sesh with everyone there at some point which would certainly be amazing! ✨

I’m thinking of just wearing a GoPro and vlogging the whole thing but I’m not sure yet, don’t want to record anyone who doesn’t want to be recorded so I always feel awkward walking around taking video. But I guess that’s something I’ll learn to deal with in time.

Also I’ll probably upload that or you sometime today or tomorrow or tonight probably, so you can look forward to seeing that! I wish you all the most wonderfully peaceful, loving, and tranquil vibes possible. ^-^ ✨


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