A Run On Post That Eventually Reveals How I First Came Up With The Name For This Blog.

All my life i’ve been addicted to reading things, at least since I managed to stumble over my first written words which surprisingly I learned slowly. I blame it on all the french immersion classes I had when I was young, little c.c. must’ve just wanted to read french so english was weird. But holy heck did I devour books the second I was able to! My nose was always buried in a book during my spare time, in this context spare time refers to any moment in class the teachers weren’t looking at me. Outside of school was obviously reserved for adventures and memories though. I had a good childhood full of crackling bonfire summer nights and climbing trees for cherries, much more important than reading or even sitting still that long with the whole wide world out there.

So often in my life have I heard the words “You’re reading all the time, why don’t you pull your head out of the clouds and actually write something for a change? Stop being a slug!” I’m not sure why the go to creature for laying around is a slug instead of something much nicer like a panda or a chubby cheeked hamster. My hair is way too long and well taken care of for something like that and my head’s not in the clouds, it’s in the worlds of others. But oh my word those worlds are beautiful, i’m sad that they couldn’t seem to see it.

Books let you go anywhere, become anyone, witness wonderful things, witness horrifying things, they can teach you, amuse you, and these days you can even search for variations on practically any book that’s been written or turned into a movie. You want evil lord of the rings characters? You’ve got options. Wonder what life would be like as a video game? So many options. Wish a character ended up with someone else or wondered what it would be like if they were related to a different family? Chances are enough people also wanted it and you’ve got enough results that you can pick and choose any specific world you could ever want to enjoy. How can people just look that by without at least being intrigued?

However I then realized of course that I spend so much time in these worlds that I don’t even notice mine moving around me. That was actually where my idea for this blog name first came from, I felt like I had allowed myself to fade from reality in order to stay in these amazing worlds and with my blog I wanted to have something to remind me of that fade. Something to keep driving me forwards. Of course then I realized I have a habit of occasionally trying to live in the past, or more like I get lost in the wisps of what was and will never be. My own little worlds. To move forward we all evolve and change, we fade to stay. By no means does that mean we will disappear though, with every fade you have to come back stronger, work harder, dream larger, chase faster.

I think of it like a journey, the old town must fade behind us as we wander to where next we’ll stay. Basically what i’m trying to say is that we must fade to stay.

Tranquil vibes people,


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