Future Thoughts

Hey all, I haven’t really known what I wanted to do with this website for the past while. I don’t really want to leave it to collect dust, but I’m not too sure what I wish to post anymore..

That said, I may try posting some little articles again about things I’m interested in. Maybe put together an online course on meditation? Or video editing? All I know is I need to stop stagnating, I NEED to live again. Live and fall in love with life, these days that’s been much easier.

~Words Like Water~

Frothing, babbling brook.

You lie like a river.

Constant, endless, fluid.

Flowing over and around every arguement.

Until opposition seems stupid.


Every current carves out the ground I stand upon.

Wearing away.

All resistance is gone.


How am I supposed to stop words like water?


In nature, one would just leave the stream.

~Days Like Currency~

I spend these days..

Shouting at the four walls in my head.

Chasing my thoughts.

Catatonic in bed.

I spend these days…

Like cold, quick, currency.

Like there’s gotta be a hole in my pocket.

Days drop like dollars.

And I can’t seem to stop.

Giving them away.

Every now and then, there’s a piece of change that I wish would stay.

But, I guess it fell out that hole in my pocket.

Cause somehow i’ve lost it.

poked out and dropped it.

They say the nail that sticks out is the one that gets hammered down.

I can’t tell if that’s better than being lost and not found.